Group Reminder

Share reminders and commands in your enterprise

Group Reminder is a tool created especially for enterprises and independent teams. It helps employees/teammates to share reminders about important events and commands within the company/group. You can set reminders for yourself, for some of your colleagues, for some groups of users (admins, support team etc.). It is possible to configure access rights for users and groups.

Time settings

You can set reminders on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or one-time basis. It is possible to include/exclude some days of week, weeks of month. Time settings are easy to use, but very flexible.

Web & Mobile access

Group Reminder supports mobile clients (Android and IOS) and access via Web Browser. Mobile clients are good to receive notifications and send simple reminders and commands. Web Browser client is useful to do some complex things. You can use Web Browser client with your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux etc.) or tablet (IPad, Android tablet etc.).

Benefits of Group Reminder

  • Personal mode for yourself
  • Group mode for your team with configurable access rights
  • Access from phones (IPhone and Android) and from computers via Web Browser
  • Flexible time settings for reminders
  • Ability to extend functionality with your own plugins

With Group Reminder you will have your own server. It is useful for privacy and security purposes.

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Live Demo

You can try demo version of Group Reminder Web Client now. This version has some limitations and works in single user mode.

Start demo version